5 Great Quotes from Longwood Professors

1. “If you are in charge of managing the deep fryer at a local burger stand, it’s unlikely that foreign agents will be reverse engineering your cheeseburger for its culinary mojo.”

~Dr. Randy Boyle, associate professor of information systems and security in the Longwood Center for Cyber Security, in the spring 2013 alumni magazine.

2. “People have been trying to find the historic King Arthur for years. If he existed, he probably wasn’t a high king, he was probably a Welsh chieftan.”

~Dr. Larissa “Kat” Tracy, on With Good Reason. Tracy is an expert on medieval literature.

3. “You have more bacterial cells in your body than mammalian cells.”

~Dr. Andrew Yeagley, associate professor of chemistry. Yeagley has done research into biofilm, which causes many of the symptoms of infection.

4. “Somebody quipped to me the other day that replacing college with some kind of online experience would be like replacing Thanksgiving with just a 3,000-calorie protein bar, and I think that’s true.”

~President W. Taylor Reveley IV at Convocation 2013 on the future of higher education and its role online.

5. “It’s still political suicide to talk negatively about Social Security.”

~Dr. JoEllen Pederson, associate professor of sociology, on a study she completed that surveyed changing attitudes about the program.