• 11 Things That Happen “Only @LongwoodU”

    We’ve noticed a trend.  Students like telling the world how great Longwood University is. To that point, here are just a few of our favorite “only @longwoodu” posts on Twitter and Instagram.

    1. Nothing says “thank you” like freshly baked cookies.

    The alum I gave a tour to today baked me cookies to thank me. Only at @longwoodu would this happen.

    2. Having class outdoors is one thing.  Having it in a tree is another.

    We had class in a tree today #onlyatlongwood

    3. First cookies… now cotton candy.  Best school ever?

    Only at #LongwoodU can I leave class, walk through Brock Commons, and receive free cotton candy

    4. When times get tough, we come together.

    Only @longwoodu do you get a school united by the memory of a great man and the turning of a tragedy into good done for others #44forBill

    5. Pure stress (and comic) relief before exams.

    My mentor, professor, and tonight a redneck bus boy .. #onlyatLongwood #midnightbreakfast

    6. Forget the snooze.

    Only at @longwoodu would I look forward to getting up for my 8:00, bc my professor is the best history professor ever!

    7. It’s the little things that matter.

    Only at Longwood will you find hints of love from the staff on your food :) @longwoodu #picstitch

    8. Even our town bus drivers will cheer you up.

    (Holly): FAB driver just stopped at Sheetz & got a girl on the bus chocolate bc she didn't get anything for Valentines Day. #Only @longwoodu

    9. Upper management will break their back for students.

    Only at #longwoodU: Provost & VP Ken Perkins helps haul a fridge up to the 10th floor of Frazer during freshmen move-in.


    10. The friendliest place on earth… besides Disneyland.

    Only @longwoodu will you get 5 hellos from people you know walking on campus within 15 seconds ... Professors included :-)

    11. Journey singalong in the d-hall?  That’s how we roll.

    “Only at Longwood University!!!” ~@mjaquan13 on Instagram

    What do you find “only @longwoodu?” Share it on social media, and we might use it in a follow-up article.


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