• 12 Experiences You May Not Expect When Studying Abroad

    Studying abroad can be that defining moment in your education that will change your life… in more ways than one.  Here are just a few of those study abroad experiences you may not anticipate.

    1. Realizing there is a world outside the USA.

    Look, a castle! And SO many more.

    Longwood archaeology students travel with Dr. Brian Bates and Dr. Jim Jordan (spot him in the orange beanie?) to study the Archaeology of England every winter break. Here, they learned this is not actually a castle but a gate to the city of York. Tricky.

    2. Learning can be FUN. Seriously.

    Longwood history students travel to Morocco with Dr. Steven Isaac. Here they are studying the Berber culture and learning to make pottery with traditional methods from a local matriarch. Since when has learning been so… not boring?

    3. Sampling new food.

    Longwood history students travel to Greece with Dr. Steven Isaac. Mmmm, Greek cuisine. Who’s hungry?

    4. Spending quality time with your favorite professors in an amazing setting.

    Longwood archaeology students pose in front of Buckingham Palace in London with Dr. Brian Bates. Apparently archaeology professors love orange beanies.

    5. Discovering sport is a universal language.

    Longwood students travel with Dr. Melanie Marks to the Dominican Republic over spring break. Wait, where’s the referee?

    6. Making new friends in the most unexpected places.

    Longwood history students travel to Niger with Dr. Steven Isaac. Must be a little hot there.

    7. Learning a new dance routine. Forget the Cupid Shuffle!

    Longwood history students travel to Greece with Dr. Steven Isaac. Bet the locals didn’t realize Longwood can tear up the dance floor.

    8. Discovering new modes of transportation.

    Longwood history students travel to Morocco with Dr. Steven Isaac. Looks like a long trek, but, luckily camels get pretty good gas mileage.

    9. Getting a makeover!

    Dr. Melanie Marks and a group of Longwood students spend spring break in the Dominican Republic. Leave your hair to the professionals.

    10. Learning the true meaning of old.

    Longwood history students travel to Egypt with Dr. Steven Isaac. And you thought your grandmother was old.

    11. Taking fun photos with an ancient monument.

    No, we’re not talking about your professors.

    Longwood history students travel to Greece with Dr. Steven Isaac. Thumbs up!

    12. Stumbling upon photographic opportunities of a lifetime.

    A group of Longwood photography students spent winter break traveling through India with Michael Mergen, assistant professor of art. Say cheese!

    Have you studied abroad?  Anything to add?  Let us know in the comments below.

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