• 8 Must-Haves for Oktoberfest

    Paint? Check.

    Bands? Check.

    Longwood’s officially ready to cut loose for Oktoberfest, and though it may be raining, Mortar Board is bringing a little bit of Hawaii to Farmville this year. The campus is ready, but are you? Mary Alexander ’16 and Jennifer Thompson ’17 compiled these 9 must-have items for one of the best weekends of the year.

    1. Oktoberfest T-shirt


    Every year the official t-shirt matches the theme. Collect all four to remind you of each year’s Oktoberfest experience.

    2. $20 in Your Pocket


    Whether you want to pie a professor or buy a tasty treat, you’ll need some dollar bills.

    3. White T-shirt


    Make sure you don’t mind some color modifications to the shirt.

    4. Plastic Cups


    Are you an even (red) or odd (green) year?

    5. Spotify Playlist


    Beef up your Spotify playlist with the sounds of Aer, Charlie Worsham, Post Malone, The Feenies, and more—just a few of the bands playing at Oktoberfest 2015.

    6. Selfie Stick


    So many selfie opportunities in one weekend—Elwood, Timmy P, Color Wars, your friends, band members and more.

    7. Lancer Card

    Oktoberfest 2014

    You’ll need it for the d-hall tent alongside the STU!

    8. #LancerFamily


    It wouldn’t be much of a tradition without your #LancerFamily!


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