9 Farmville (Trick or) Treats

The days are growing shorter and the temperatures are dropping. It’s that time of year when we crave something sweet and comforting. Mary Alexander ’16 and Jennifer Thompson ’17 compiled this list of local spots where you can find sweet treats to indulge yourself on these long, dark evenings.

1. Maria’s Sweet Creations – Cupcakes


Maria has a range of sweet creations, but her cupcakes are a favorite. There are some special flavors just for the season including apple pie, pumpkin spice and chocolate mochaccino. ~Mary

2. The Bakery – Nutella latte


The Nutella Latte at The Bakery is about the only thing that can fulfill my craving for that chocolate and coffee combination. Whenever I am craving it (and needing a caffeine buzz to get through my classes) I walk down Main Street and get my fill! ~Jennifer

3. Sweet Frog – FroYo


If you live on campus or in the Landings, Sweet Frog is a great place to grab some delicious froyo. There are currently 16 flavors and about 62 different toppings. ~Mary

4. Cook Out – Chocolate Cherry Milkshake


As a true sugar addict,  I would have to suggest the chocolate cherry milkshake at Cook Out. Whenever you need a quick — you can order at the drive-thru — milkshake in Farmville, Cook Out is the place to go. There are 40 different milkshakes to choose from! ~Jennifer

5. Charley’s Waterfront Cafe – Birthday Treat


Charley’s pastry chef creates amazing dessert trays, including many seasonal sweet treats. If you eat there on your birthday, be sure someone mentions it to the waitstaff!  ~Jennifer

6. Uptown Cafe – Ice Cream


Uptown is a quaint little cafe in downtown Farmville that periodically hosts live musical events in the evening. It’s affordably priced menu makes it a favorite of students. My best friend and I went for dinner one night; the food and service were excellent. While I have not had the ice cream, I’ve heard it is from Homestead Creamery, which uses milk free of antibiotics and hormones. A lot of people left positive reviews online about the great ice cream and coffee, so it seems as if both of these treats are must-haves for many Uptown customers! ~Mary

7. Fishin’ Pig – Chocolate Caramel Cake


While most well-known for its BBQ options and proximity to Hampden-Sydney, the Fishin’ Pig has homemade desserts that change with the day. Though these desserts are not included online or on the menu, customers can ask servers about the daily dessert. ~Mary

I tried the chocolate caramel cake. I really enjoyed the frosting, which was thick and tasted like it was homemade. They also offered coconut and pumpkin cake. ~Jennifer

8. El Patron – Flan


El Patron has the best flan in Farmville. For those of you who do not know, flan is a creamy custard, spongy cake covered in a caramel sauce. And for those of you who have never tried it, you are missing out. Some can’t overcome the texture, but those who can understand why it’s worth the indulgence. ~Jennifer

9. Miller’s Country Store – Donuts


Very few people know where to get real donuts in Farmville! Miller’s Country Store, located just off West Third Street, is a small Amish shop that makes the best donuts! They are homemade and to die for. If you don’t like donuts, check out their lemon bars or cookies! The prices are cheap and worth the 5-minute drive. Who doesn’t love that?! ~Jennifer

What’s your favorite Farmville treat?  Comment below!